Innovative Fluids for a Greening World

Innovative Fluids

Huey Fluids, Inc. develops and supplies synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids and heat transfer fluids into a marketplace that is demanding new and environmentally designed functional fluids for global "green "initiatives. 

The primary focus of Huey Fluids is the development of environmentally designed synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids and heat transfer fluids into markets such as: 

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial and Commercial Boats/Ships
  • Industrial Machinery     
  • Marine and Commercial Dock Operations
  • Solar Heating Systems     
  • Food Grade Manufacturing Facilities  
  • Wind Turbines
  • Environmentally Sensitive Applications

Go Green Corn

These products take into consideration a number of attributes that are necessary for today's work place as well as new and upcoming regulatory programs designed to enhance the biodegradability of products used in manufacturing and "end – use" machinery  and industrial applications.  The attributes that we look for in the product that we manufacture and distribute are as follows:

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  • Functionality in the application
  • Environmental impact
  • Cost effectiveness to other products currently in the market
Huey Fluids is committed to the development of products that minimize or alleviate any impact on the environment but at the same time provide high end products that exceed industry standards.
Authorized BASF Dealer
Authorized BASF Dealer